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OUR TOOLS WILL GIVE YOUR WEBSITE WHAT IT NEEDS FOR ONLINE MARKETING. For web analysis to succeed, ‘the best tools’ and ‘accurate information’ are needed. Fortunately, we offer both of these things! On top of that, you’ll learn everything you must know about handling websites through efficient analysis with our guidance.

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To get you started, here are 5 SEO tips to get you moving forward in 2018:

1. Your Mobile Audience is Not Going Anywhere

Desktop audiences aren't the only ones you need to worry about anymore. Studies show that they may actually be in the minority. We'll help teach you how to properly optimize your site for the portable crowd and their portable screens.

2. Always Consider that Your Website is for the Everyman

You need to make sure that navigating your site is easy and everything is crystal clear. Your most relevant information should be easy to find instead of being buried beneath mountains of tabs or bloated menus. Worried your site might be a bit too complicated? We can help give it a makeover.

3. Google AMP will be the Wave of the Future

Also known as Accelerated Mobile Pages, this is Google's new protocol to better present websites at the top of search engine results if they are mobile friendly. Ever noticed how titans like Facebook or eBay have a desktop version, a separate app and even a mobile version for smartphone browsers? That's what you need to do if you want to stay relevant.

4. Local Searches Will Bring the Customer to You

If your website is advertising a specific business or location out in the real world, you need to do your part to best direct your readers to where you are. More and more users expect and want geolocation technology so they can better find the places they want. This can easily turn a reader from a browser online to a customer offline.

5. Never Underestimate Good Old Fashioned Writing

This is perhaps our most important tip due to how timeless it really is. You can try to gimmick readers into visiting your site with clickbait and the like but the only way to retain them and guarantee soaring rankings and numbers is to give them what they want. Relevant information and meaningful content. It's not easy, but it's certainly necessary.

5 SEO trends